Some things change with the wind in terms of their popularity and importance in our society. Others are considered classic, even if they change and adapt with the times. One of those ever popular options in our world is enamel badges. These have been around for as long as we can remember, and then some. Most of us have them stuffed in drawers or hung on old coats and we don’t even think about it. Enamel badges are colourful, patterned, specific, and just as popular now as they have ever been.

Where they come from
Historically speaking, enamel badges come from the enamel in them themselves. This enamel is recorded as being used in as far back as Egyptian times, and it is fondly considered to be one of the oldest forms of art throughout history. While it was snatches of colour here and there, now enamel has evolved into being multicoloured, durable badges like we know it today.

In other spots, enamel was found in jewellery from the 11th century BC and even though it has come all of this way in time, these pieces are still brightly coloured and in great shape. It’s fantastic to see enamel’s strength in real life examples.

Today, enamel badges are even stronger with the modern technologies that we have in place and can have writing, multiple colours and appear in different forms so that everyone enjoy them.

How they look
There are different forms of enamel badges, but a few of the most popular ones are listed below for you to understand how they all come together in their different forms and versions.

• Enamel Keyrings: Enamel keyrings vary in size and colour, but have a flat face of some sort and will features different colours and words blended together to help you represent the saying or organization that has provided you with the keyring.
• Enamel Lapel Badges: Lapel badges are another popular option for enamel badges, as they allow for a great overall feel that will carefully secure in place. These are popular politics, the military, and other places in government where words and patterns need to be clearly on display.
• Enamel Pin Badges: Lastly, pin badges are what you tend to find around you the most in terms of volunteer positions or charities that give these out to those who make donations. They’re small, multicoloured and focus on broadcasting the organization’s logo or other important information.

Why they’re popular
Enamel badges are popular even throughout all of their years because they are universal, affordable, fun, colourful and a great way to advertise or display something of importance. As their colour combinations and quality improve over time, strong enamel badges still stay true to their roots as quality accessories to enjoy for all sorts of purpose.

A great decor piece for all sorts of reasons, enamel badges have a long history behind them and equally long future ahead of them in the world of advertising, fashion, and more. Grab some of your own!