Why a Precision Badges franchise is… Your Key to Success!

Precision is a long established group whose phenomenal success in Australia and New Zealand has culminated in the establishment of their Global Headquarters here in the UK. We are now looking to establish a network of 55 franchises across the British Isles..

As a Precision Badges franchisee you will be working in a fascinating industry doing varied and creative work, even though you may have no artistic inclination and may currently have no idea how our products are made.

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For now, here are some good reasons why Precision Badges is “Your Key to Success“—



One of our franchisees, whose franchise earns him more than 4 times the national average wage, wrote in a letter to us:

“During the past 10 years, despite my involvement in the management of another business, my turnover in real terms increased by more than 50% with little conscious effort….…I attribute my success to your “Precision System” with its unique combination of: *Market and Pricing Direction, *Advertising Strategy, *Supplier Sourcing Skills, *Group Purchasing Power, and *Intensive Franchisee Support. I would certainly recommend the “Precision System” to any prospective franchisee. It is definitely not a “get rich quick scheme” (though it was nice to get that occasional $50,000 order for half a day’s work!)………. It is a nice way to earn a good, honest living without the corporate hassles.”



You will have noticed that many companies (including franchised groups) supply badges (along with thousands of other “printable” products like pens, T-shirts and balloons). We don’t regard them as “competition” as they have no hope of matching our prices, quality and service within the niche market of badges and other enameled products. Precision therefore has no franchised competition.

Please consider other franchises but ask yourself how they compare with the Precision Badges system, which features all the essentials for success that business advisers insist that you need.



You too can be a part of the Precision Badges success story!

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